New campaign shows how iFood has grown beyond delivery

Video set to the song “Comida”, by Titãs, reveals the positive impact of foodtech in the Brazilian ecosystem

Who said that iFood “only” delivers food? The new iFood TV campaign, which debuts today (13/6), on national television, will show that the foodtech Brazilian company delivers much more: it takes grocery and pharmacy purchases and even for pets.

Furthermore, with its goal of fueling the future of the world, it generates positive impact on the Brazilian economy and the environment and acts to transform our reality through education and inclusion.

All of this will be shown in the new campaign, to the sound of the song “Comida”, by Titãs, in an advertising piece created by the SUNO agency, called “Much more than a request”. The campaign also unfolds on social media, with animations made by guest content creators, narrating stories of customers, delivery people and partners who are part of iFood's journey. 

Having been on the market for 11 years, foodtech started as a delivery app and turned into a Digital platform which offers market, pharmacy and fintech for millions of Brazilians. 

And it's no small feat: iFood delivers around 60 million orders per month and works with business intelligence and management solutions to have a positive impact on your ecosystem of more than 300 thousand registered restaurants and 200 thousand connected delivery people in more than 1,500 cities across Brazil. 

“The campaign reflects the current moment of the company, which is dedicated to creating experiences and solutions for our customers and generating a positive socio-environmental impact on society”, says Bruno Montejorge, Branding Director at iFood. “Behind each order, we have a story, a connection between people's different motivations and the range of services and products we offer, far beyond the ready meal.”

Curiosity struck? In addition to being shown on TV, the video will also be available on channel iFood Brazil on YouTube. Check it out!

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