Anyone who recycles on the subway gets a balance on their iFood gift card

Until January 9th, machines at stations collect recyclables and generate credits; find out how you can participate.

iFood teamed up with Ambipar Triciclo to encourage recycling among those who usually use the São Paulo Metro. The first step was the installation of machines that receive recyclable packaging (the Return Machines) at five stations —Brooklin, Moema, Eucaliptos, Faria Lima and Pinheiros.

Until January 9th, whoever takes the subway at these stations will not only be able to send packaging for recycling but also earn a reward that turns into a balance on the iFood Gift Card. 

It works like this: when you deposit recyclables such as PET, steel, tin, glass, long-life packaging, PP and PE into the machine, you receive tricoins, which are the program's currencies. Every 1,500 tricoins accumulated can be transformed into a balance of R$ 5 on the iFood Gift Card. 

This initiative reinforces the commitment of the companies involved in promoting actions that positively impact society and the environment. With the implementation of Return Machines in the São Paulo Metro, it is expected that more and more people will join this cause in favor of preserving the planet.

In May, the iFood joined forces with the city of Fortaleza and Ambipar Triciclo to encourage the recycling in the capital of Ceará with 13 Return Machines. There, recycling generated credit to use in the Bilhete Único for municipal transport and telephone operators, among others.

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