Quiz: discover how you can contribute to the cause of education

Do you already know what type of action has the most to do with your profile? Take the test and find out!

Education Day, celebrated on April 28, is an important date for us to reflect on how Brazil can guarantee access to education for everyone.

On this day, in 2000, the countries that participated in the World Education Forum, promoted by UNESCO in Dakar, Senegal, signed a commitment: offering quality education to all children, young people and adults. “Education is a fundamental human right. It is the key to sustainable development and to peace and stability within and between countries”, defines the agreement.

Education is the cause of iFood, and we can all collaborate to have better education in Brazil and build a more prosperous and less unequal country.

Still not sure what you can do to help with this cause? We made a quiz to inspire you: take the test and find out which action has the most to do with your profile.

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