Writing is the most accessed content on AprendiZAP for Enem

Tool delivers classes and reinforcement via WhatsApp and helps young people study for the test

O And either (National High School Examination) is one of the topics that are part of the content of the AprendiZAP. This school supplement tool created by 1Bi Foundation (social institution that uses technology to impact people's lives) sends classes and exercises to students via WhatApp, an application used by 93% of students in classes D and E.

Through the application, it is possible to reach homes where there is internet, but not a computer for children and young people to study online. Launched in November 2021, the AprendiZAP Enem track is a version dedicated to those taking the exam and has already been used by 16,876 students and 673 teachers across the country.

The subject that attracts the most interest among young people is, of course, writing. In addition to this subject, AprendiZAP Enem has 11 others: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Portuguese, Current Affairs, Geography, Literature, History, Chemistry, Sociology, Philosophy.

The Southeast and Northeast are the regions that most use AprendiZAP Enem. Want to know more about who used WhatsApp to study for the test? Check out the table below.

What is AprendiZAP?

Created in 2020, the AprendiZAP delivers classes and school supplements for students and teachers through WhatsApp. Its content is tailored to meet the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC). 

Later, the tool was expanded to teachers to also improve classes offline. AprendiZAP Professores is a platform that supports the construction of classes with ready-made content and the possibility of creating lesson plans and assessments. 

As a result, AprendiZAP grew 3.8 times in 2022 and reached 700 thousand people across the country.

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