iFood takes technology to the northeast to support delivery drivers and contribute to public safety 

Company signs cooperation agreement with the state of Ceará for the development and implementation of an API that identifies delivery people who work with the platform

São Paulo, September 28, 2022 – To combat the actions of fake couriers, iFood teamed up with the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS-CE) to develop and implement an API – a technological solution capable of integrating with the public system and promoting confirmations about couriers who are registered and work together with iFood. Therefore, in police operations that the platform's partners may eventually be approached, the objective is to guarantee everyone's safety, quickly distinguishing the worker from the criminal and allowing our delivery drivers to be quickly released to return to work.

With this solution, there is no sharing of data, but it is possible, in a fully automated and updated way, to confirm, for example, the registration of those who are still active on the app and whether they are on a delivery route. 

“iFood is committed to real couriers, society and authorities to build an increasingly safer environment for everyone. iFood is favorable to the use of technology in the public security scenario, as it reduces bureaucracy in the process and provides a viable and completely updated solution for confirming partners and/or removing anyone who has bad intentions in pretending to be a serious worker. We need to guarantee the flexibility, autonomy and security of everyone who works on platforms” explains João Sabino, director of public policies at iFood.

iFood has been working on different fronts with the aim of improving the experience and bringing new solutions to delivery people, whether in security, as well as insurance, education projects, support points, operational improvements in the app, in addition to a broad listening project and transparency to listen and understand your needs and desires with the platform on a daily basis. We know that there is a lot to be done, and by listening and talking we want to transform our relationship. We are committed and proactively pursuing this.

More technology and security for real couriers

To guarantee the legitimacy of the data provided by delivery drivers during the registration stage on the platform, iFood maintains the process OCR check (technology that allows you to check whether the person in the photo is the same person in the document presented) It is the validation of all personal information provided by the partner through a public database consultation. 

Today, iFood carries out three analyzes for release on the platform so that there is no misuse of accounts. Periodically, facial recognition is also activated, a tool that acts as an additional security measure to prevent account renting and borrowing, in addition to protecting honest delivery people on the platform.

Delivery drivers like Aliandro Alves, from Ribeirão Preto, are working together with society for greater security and, at the Voz do Entregador event held in the city, the partner reinforced the importance of technologies, such as identity verification through facial recognition. 

– Facial recognition must continue, because it removes the wrong people from circulation who are trying to pass themselves off as workers on the app – explains the partner who has been on the iFood platform for 4 years.

Delivery Man's Voice

If on the one hand, for greater security, iFood listened to society, on the other, the platform's delivery partners have also been gaining even more space in this relationship and it is their voice that iFood has been listening to with full attention in recent months, through of a regular meeting with this public, called Voz do Entregador.

Continuing the active listening work that has been growing in recent years, this year iFood is traveling to different cities in the country with the aim of hearing from the delivery people themselves what could be even better in this relationship. After carrying out minimum tariff adjustments that had a positive impact on delivery drivers' earnings, creating new coverage and insurance, and developing economical modal options such as electric motorcycles and iFood Pedal, the company promotes meetings with couriers, showing that it remains committed to being the best possible partner for couriers. Until July, more than 10 meetings were held with more than 250 delivery drivers participating, and another 10 will be held by the end of the year.

In Recife, the first city to host Voz dos Entregadors, in March this year, Ingrid da Silva, 24, evaluated the event:

– We were all heard and everyone had the opportunity to speak. Not only did iFood listen to us, but we also listened to iFood. We had a day of exchange directly with iFood, eye to eye. And we are here for that, to grow together. – said the delivery woman who worked in telemarketing and had the dream, now fulfilled, of working with her motorcycle affectionately called “popzinha”.

And Ingrid concludes: 

– This event is very important for us delivery people, for iFood to listen to our voice and understand what can improve.

To date, meetings have been held in cities in the south, southeast and northeast of Brazil. The expectation is that more than 20 meetings will take place, also covering the north and central-west region of the country, and totaling a number of more than 600 delivery people interviewed in person.

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