iFood promotes 4th meeting with associations to maintain dialogue and joint improvements for restaurants

Nine sector leaders, representing more than 500 thousand establishments in the country, met with company executives

iFood, together with nine restaurant industry association leaders and food delivery, met today (3/6) to talk about processes for improving relationships with restaurants that iFood has been developing for its business partners on the app. This is an ongoing program, the fourth meeting held this year, and the first in person at the company's headquarters.

Among the associations, the following were present: Rodrigo Alves (ANR – National Restaurant Association), Paulo Bitelman (ANR – National Restaurant Association), Matheus Daniel Pires de Moraes (ABRASEL – Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants), Nei Jorge Feniar (SINDRESBAR – Union of Restaurants, Bars and Similar Products of São Paulo and Region), José Darcilio Côrtes Junqueira Reis (FBHA – Brazilian Federation of Accommodation and Food), Reginaldo Marques Espósito (SINHORES – Union of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Similar Products of Osasco, Alphavile and region), Ernesto Bitran (ABF – Brazilian Franchising Association), Fábio Bento Aguayo (ABRABAR – Brazilian Association of Bars and Nightclubs), Bruno Latini (SINHORES – Union of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Similar of Osasco, Alphavile and region ). 

iFood also presented deliveries and progress on the demands discussed in previous meetings. And, among the topics covered during this meeting, there are cancellations and the more active participation of partners in this process, safety issues and appreciation of delivery people, clarifications on taxation and business model, in addition to hearing about day-to-day needs, doubts in general and possibilities of taking the sector's demands to congress in an institutional public policy agenda. At the end, a visit was made to see the company's headquarters.

“Our commitment is to improve our service and bring joint solutions to our partners. Listening to associations is a fundamental part. We are very pleased to bring together this group, which broadly represents a segment of more than 500 thousand establishments”, says Arnaldo Bertolaccini, restaurant director at iFood. 

Continuing, iFood will continue to hold monthly meetings with associations, in addition to organizing individual agendas with associations to map opportunities for regional actions. This initiative is in addition to the Forum agenda held with restaurants, monthly, and the communication channel with digital experts. 

Participant testimonials

Fábio Aguayo, president of ABRABAR

“The services offered by iFood are here to stay and were consolidated during the pandemic. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a permanent dialogue between the company and professional associations and businesspeople, as in these meetings, so that we can improve service, quality and, above all, the safety of the people who use its services”

Matheus de Moraes, president of ABRASEL

“This change in iFood’s stance of wanting to listen and treat the restaurant as a partner is very important. This construction is still in its infancy and there is a lot to adjust, but we believe it is a great initiative by the company”

Bruno Latini, advisor to SINHORES 

“iFood’s initiative to unite both sides is very interesting. With this close relationship between the company, restaurants and regulatory bodies, we are able to see all the work that has been done to solve the problems presented and reduce the number of complaints. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are already steps forward to resolve them as soon as possible.

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