Have you seen iFood's new sustainable packaging?

Discover the biodegradable boxes and wrapping paper that will begin circulating during Burger Week in 12 cities

During Hamburger Week — celebrated between May 28th and June 5th — new sustainable packaging from iFood. Made of paper, they are biodegradable and will be distributed by 22 restaurants in 12 cities.

The new packaging will be the hamburger box, the paper in which it is packaged and the french fries box. In total, 266 thousand units of this trio will be distributed by iFood partners (discover the models in the gallery below).

And why does the hamburger were you chosen to receive iFood’s sustainable packaging? “The burger is much loved by the Brazilian people and is a best seller on the platform”, explains Fabiane Staschower, environmental specialist at iFood. 

This action is part of iFood's strategy to meet its target of reduce plastic pollution in delivery until 2025.

What is the impact of iFood's sustainable packaging?

To choose establishments that would use biodegradable packaging, iFood prioritized those that use Polystyrene to deliver the sandwich and potato.

After all, by making this switch, there is a considerable gain in sustainability, since the paper packaging decomposes in 180 days (under favorable humidity and temperature conditions), while Styrofoam takes up to 400 years.

Furthermore, the boxes used by iFood to package the burger and portion, manufactured by Klabin, are made of certified paper, attesting that the products come from responsible forest management.

In terms of impact on the disposal of material after the meal, the 266 thousand sustainable packaging that will circulate during Burger Week correspond, in weight, to 3 tons. In other words, a similar volume of plastic is no longer discarded after consuming the snack.

For comparison purposes, in April 2023, for example, orders for snacks and burgers generated a total of 230 tons of plastic waste.

iFood's new sustainable burger packaging is now on sale at iFood Shop, a shopping platform that serves partner establishments.

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