3 tips for choosing a top restaurant on iFood

How to look for the right information in the app to make a good choice

When you feel hungry, there's no shortage of food options on the iFood app. After all, more than 270 thousand restaurants are registered on the platform, and you can order everything: from a snack at the bakery to a salad; from Japanese food to pizza (and even dessert).

The big question, therefore, becomes how to choose the best establishment. Or, for those who like to try new things, if it has a good chance of satisfying their appetite. To resolve this doubt, we bring you three tips for making a good choice of restaurant on the app:

I look at the stars

The restaurant's rating in the app is a good parameter to get an idea of how satisfied other consumers are with the food and service at the restaurant or snack bar. After all, the more stars, the less chance of having a bad experience with the establishment. Here’s a tip: don’t forget to leave your review too!

Read the comments

For more details about the restaurant, take a look at the comments that other people have left when evaluating points such as delivery, service and quality of the food. And, after eating, leave your comment to enrich the reviews and help others make a good choice!

Search for super restaurants

In this category, the iFood app shows which establishments are standing out because they are highly rated by users and are champions both in number of orders and punctuality (a low cancellation rate is also worth points). Good call!

Now that you know how to make a good choice, understand how iFood has contributed to the digitalization process of restaurants. 

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