7 ways to identify a machine scam

Find out what the main types of fraud are committed using card machines and what you can do to protect yourself

A typical example of the machine scam is this: imagine that you bought a snack that cost R$ 55.00. Went down to get it, paid by card directly at the machine, everything was fine. However, when the invoice arrives, that snack actually “cost” R$ 555.00. 

A scare, right? This is just one of the scams out there.

This type of scam is one of the oldest crimes of the digital era, but it does not “go out of fashion”. On the contrary: it has been constantly updated with the most diverse objectives, such as cloning your card, doubling the payment, discovering your password or making you pay a much higher amount.

To avoid falling for this, check out seven ways to identify whether you may be a victim of a machine scam.

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