Best practices for efficient payment at the machine

What you need to know to pay for your iFood at the time of delivery, with the machine and without hassle

iFood offers several payment methods for your in-app purchases. To begin with, you can choose to pay directly in the app at the time of purchase or choose the payment upon delivery, whether in cash or card. 

For security reasons, we recommend that online payment is always your first option. In addition to practicality, paying in the app brings advantages such as quick refunds and protection of banking and personal data. 

However, to guarantee a smoother and more satisfactory experience for those who choose to pay with a machine directly to the delivery person, our Customer Experience (CX) team has prepared a guide with some valuable tips in just 6 steps. Check out!

1. Choose the payment method

Before finalizing the purchase, choose the payment method that best suits your preferences. It can be a credit or debit card. Remember that it is not possible to change the payment method at the time of delivery. For example: if you chose to pay at the machine and then want to pay in cash, it will not be possible. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these details.

2. Check the flag of the selected card carefully

After choosing a payment method in the app, select and check the card brand carefully to avoid possible confusion. When paying with the machine, it is essential that you have a card with the same brand selected in the application. This way, the process will be faster and much smoother. 

3. Not every machine accepts VR or VA

When placing your order, note whether delivery will be made by iFood or the partner establishment. In the case of delivery made by iFood, the machines are not enabled to receive Meal Vouchers or Food Vouchers. But, if the store has its own delivery, and accepts any of these payment options, it will be available when you choose it in the app. 
Important: it is worth remembering that if you selected the credit or debit card option, it will not be possible to pay with a Meal Voucher or Food Voucher at the time of delivery.

4. If you choose the card option, it will not be possible to pay with PIX

If you want to pay with PIX, choose this payment method directly in the app. Because, if you selected the credit or debit card option, it will not be possible to pay with PIX at the time of delivery.

5. Be prepared with your card and password

Some machines still do not have contactless payment technology (NFC). Be ready to insert the card and enter password, if necessary. This speeds up the process and makes the transaction faster.

6. Scroll down to receive your order

If you live in an apartment or condominium, we recommend that you go to the reception to receive the order and make payment. It is not part of the delivery men's job to go up to the apartment. Going down to receive is safer for everyone.

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