Does iFood accept meal vouchers or food vouchers?

Find out how to register your card on the app; acceptance depends on the store

A common question among our customers is: does iFood accept meal vouchers or food voucher as a payment method? If you want to use the balance of these benefit cards, come with us and the Customer Experience (CX) team will answer this question.

iFood continually strives to offer a more convenient delivery experience and flexible for customers. This includes accepting various forms of payment, from credit and debit cards to meal and food vouchers.

However, whether or not you accept the vouchers does not depend exclusively on iFood. Who decides what the payment methods Accepted are partner stores registered in the app.

To use your balance for in-app purchases, you can add your meal and food vouchers to your iFood account. Then, when paying, check which forms are available in the store you chose.

iFood accepts meal or food vouchers; find out how to register

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