iFood has open registration for My High School Diploma

Learn more about the program that helped more than 6,000 delivery drivers finish their studies

In 2022, four in ten adult Brazilians had not yet completed high school. This represents 41.5% of people aged 25 to 64, according to Summary of Social Indicators from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

On iFood, there are around 70 thousand delivery men and women registered on the platform who are part of this statistic. To encourage them to complete their basic education, the company is open for registration, until May 10, for the My Secondary Education Diploma 2024 program.

This year, Meu Diploma has something new: each delivery man or woman can indicate the CPF of a family member to participate in the program. In addition, restaurant and store partners will also be able to sign up or nominate.  

What is My High School Diploma?

Created in 2022, it is an iFood program to support delivery driver education journey and delivery companies registered on the platform. 

Carried out in partnership with edtech Finish Your Studies, My High School Diploma offers a complete scholarship, free 100%, with tutoring, live and recorded classes and support via WhatsApp to prepare for the Encceja test (National Examination for Certification of Competence for Young People and Adults) and receive a high school graduation certificate.

In 2023, the program provided scholarships to more than 14,000 delivery men and women across the country, of which more than 8,300 took the Encceja test and 5,264 were approved to earn their diploma.

Delivery drivers can now join the waiting list by accessing the tab "Profile" in your application. But registrations will begin from February 28th — and will also be carried out on the iFood app for delivery people.

In the first class, held in 2022, 950 delivery men and women were approved and earned their high school leaving certificate. In the second, in 2023, 5,264 were approved by Encceja.

“We believe that education is the bridge to social mobility, which is why we are expanding the potential of the program every year”, says Sylmara Ramon, education manager for delivery people at iFood.

“Approval is just the first result. In addition to the diploma, there is the unlocking of new possibilities, such as going to college or a competition, as well as gaining self-confidence and self-esteem.”

Because its purpose is to feed the future of the world — and one way to do this is to invest in education to generate social transformation and positively impact people's lives.

“Investing in learning is fundamental for social transformation, and the My High School Diploma program helps delivery men and women expand their perspectives for the future. Our dream is that all of our partners can break this academic barrier and take the flights they want”, comments Luana Ozemela, vice-president of Social Impact at iFood.

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