Discover iFood’s education journey for delivery people

The company offers programs ranging from delivery training to a high school or higher education diploma

iFood sees education as a powerful social inclusion tool. Therefore, the company has different programs to support the learning needs of delivery men and women from the moment they enter the education journey platform.

“We see a journey of education for delivery people from the moment they enter the platform and need to understand how to make their first delivery, through personal and professional improvement, whether in the relationship with iFood, as well as beyond the company”, he summarizes Luanna Luna, head iFood education program. 

This trajectory begins when they join the platform with the aim of generating income and need to learn how to work with iFood. And it continues with the possibility of obtaining new diplomas, starting with the completion of high school, for those who have not yet completed it, and enabling the study of new careers, such as in the technology area, another front in which the iFood has ambitious commitments.

The first step in this journey is to empower, through iFood Takes Off, who is just starting out in delivery. “We provide support for those who want to know how to make a good delivery and learn about good practices”, explains Luanna. 

Afterwards, couriers and couriers who have not finished basic education can prepare for the Encceja —the test that gives the certificate of completion of secondary education— in My High School Diploma, which offers a scholarship for the test preparation course. 

In 2022, around 5,000 delivery drivers signed up for the first edition of the program. “This year, My High School Diploma becomes an institutionalized program so that 100% of delivery drivers who want to take Encceja can receive support from the program”, says Luanna.

Also at iFood Decola, the company offers short and training courses on topics other than delivery, such as financial education and entrepreneurship. And anyone who wants to make a career in technology can explore the Tech Power, which in its first year awarded 17 thousand scholarships and trained and employed around a thousand people.

The end of this journey, adds Luanna, is higher education. “We receive a lot of messages from delivery people who want to go to college. In this case, we have partnerships with some universities, but there is still much more we can do.”

See, in the table below, the stages of the education journey for iFood delivery men and women.

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