iFood pays minimum of R$ 3 per additional delivery for couriers

Company defines minimum value for each extra delivery regardless of route mileage

Following its policy of continuous improvement —and responding to one of the main requests from delivery drivers—, iFood updated the pricing of grouped routes in April. Since April, the company has paid from R$3 for each extra delivery.

This minimum value applies to routes in which there is more than one order — so-called grouped, double or multiple routes — and may be higher, depending on the distance between deliveries.

Today, couriers receive a minimum amount of R$ 6.50 per route and R$ 1.50 per kilometer driven.

Now, for each extra order within the same route, the delivery man or woman will also receive at least R$ 3 (which applies to routes for returning the order to the store when the delivery cannot be completed).

How is this calculation done?

On routes that have more than one order, the delivery man or woman will receive at least more R$ 3 for each additional delivery. 

In other words, if the route has 2 extra deliveries (totaling 3 deliveries), the minimum value of the route will be R$ 6.50 (route minimum) + R$ 3 (referring to the first extra delivery) + R$ 3 (referring to the second delivery extra), totaling R$ 12.50.

Check out, in the video below, how the grouped route was calculated and what it will be like with the new value.

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