How iFood promotes traffic safety for delivery people

Discover the company's actions to offer a safe delivery journey with traffic education, insurance and health care

The safety of delivery men and women in traffic is a priority at iFood, which offers various types of support so that everyone can work safely. In 2024, the company created the Vision Zero area to reinforce its road safety actions and prevent accidents involving delivery drivers.

The new area looks at traffic education initiatives for partners and seeks to get closer to public authorities to collaborate on road solutions and create awareness actions about road safety.

With the mission of reducing accidents, the Visão Zero team uses data to test levers that help reduce speed.  

In 2023, iFood became maintainer of the National Road Safety Observatory, which created the movement Yellow May, focused on actions to improve traffic safety. And, with that, he started to support the cause of safe and to collaborate with discussions on the topic by having a seat on the Observatory Council.

So, would you like to learn more about the company's actions to improve traffic safety?

iFood’s initiatives in road safety

Training for delivery people

At the iFood Takes Off, delivery men and women can take quick, free courses on various topics. Among them, nine deal with traffic safety, such as safe driving and the guide to safer traffic. O Delivery safety course, taken by more than 37 thousand delivery people, is now mandatory for those who have just joined the platform. 

Cycling safely

Those who deliver bicycles can take the online course Responsive Pedal, at the iFood Pedal, which teaches how to use an electric bike and provides safety tips when cycling in the city. Currently, 28 thousand delivery drivers registered in the project have completed the educational video trail.

Insurance coverage

All delivery people registered on the platform have access to the personal insurance against accidents. There are seven different coverages, which include medical and hospital expenses in an accredited network and coverage for temporary injuries and assistance for the family. 

Health care

Delivery men and women have health care, included in the Delivery of Advantages. With this, they have access to free teleconsultations, in-person consultations and discounts on pharmacies and dental plans.

Support points

These are physical spaces for the delivery man or woman to take a break to rest during deliveries. You support points are located in iFood partner restaurants, in delivery hubs or in public spaces.

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