iFood's position against racism

The company does not tolerate racism against delivery drivers, restaurants and customers; This type of act is punishable by suspension or cancellation of the customer's account

O iFood vehemently repudiates any racist attitude, whether physical or verbal. As soon as we became aware of the case that occurred in the city of Campo Bom, we identified that the customer in question created an account on our app on 11/14/2023, making this single request.

In addition, we seek contact with the restaurant owners to provide the necessary support. We are already taking steps to block the customer and remain available to the authorities for any necessary information. It is important to highlight that this type of behavior completely violates the platform's terms of use and that We do not tolerate any type of discrimination

Every time a delivery person or partner restaurant identifies an order with incorrect data or discriminatory behavior, the guideline is to inform the platform directly about what happened, so that we can take immediate action.

In these cases of physical and verbal violence, iFood's delivery partners have the support of Legal and Psychological Support Center, a service in partnership with the global organization of black lawyers, Black Sisters In Law, which provides a lawyer to follow the case in a personalized and humanized way.

To gain access, professionals need to access the Serious Case Alert area, within the iFood app for Deliverers, and file a report with all the case information.

How delivery people can report cases of discriminationdog

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