With 1 click, you help iFood reduce plastic pollution

Did your food come in sustainable packaging? Tell us when evaluating the order!

A plastic pollution is a global threat that affects our oceans and ecosystems. iFood is committed to meeting this challenge and invites you, our valued customers, to join us on this journey.

Until 2025, iFood has an environmental commitment called iFood Regenerates. One of its goals is eliminate all plastic pollution from our deliveries, reducing the plastic in our packaging by 50% and recycling everything else. 

Replacing plastic packaging with sustainable solutions is very important. Therefore, we consider 100% solutions to be recyclable, biodegradable and returnable.

To date, iFood has invested more than R$ 1 million in projects to replace plastic in packaging and subsidized more than 800,000 sustainable packaging. Furthermore, the company reduced the amount of plastic used in delivery by more than 500 tons.

iFood wants to know what packaging restaurants are using and understand how this is impacting your experience. To do this, we created new tags for you to evaluate your order.

Now, when you evaluate the order and rate it 5, a new tag option will appear, “Sustainable Packaging”. By selecting this tag, you tell iFood that that restaurant is reducing its plastic pollution.

And, when you give ratings from 1 to 4, the tag option “Plastic packaging/styrofoam” will appear, to indicate that the restaurant uses a lot of plastic or styrofoam.

When evaluating your experience, select options accordingly and help us map and understand the sustainability of our orders! You can also leave a comment (see the video below).

What are sustainable packaging?

  • 100% recyclable and renewable source (e.g. paper)
  • Biodegradable and/or compostable (e.g. made from straw, corn, starch)
  • From recycled material (when the material has already been used and returned to the cycle)
  • Returnable or reusable packaging – those that can be used more than once.

By choosing sustainable packaging and supporting our iFood Regenera commitment with your review, we build a future where ordering delivery doesn't harm our planet. Evaluate the packaging and be part of this transformation!

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