iFood receives donations to help people affected by the rains in RS

The campaign has already raised more than R$ 2 million, which has been passed on to NGOs to distribute food, hygiene products and other essential items

Since April 30th, the iFood app has been running an emergency campaign to receive donations from customers to help people affected by the strong storms that hit Rio Grande do Sul. Until June 2nd, the action raised more than R$ 2 ,3 millions.

These values were passed on to iFood partner NGOs for the purchase of food, drinking water, hygiene and cleaning products, medicines, oxygen cylinders, clothes, shoes, blankets and mattresses for families that were affected by the rains.

One of these NGOs is CUFA (Central Única das Favelas), which received the majority of the amount (R$ 2.2 million). 

iFood also passed on donations received in the app to partners Ação da Cidadania (R$ 83.3 thousand), Voz das Comunidades (R$ 25.3 thousand) and Amigos do Bem (R$ 22.5 thousand).

In the application, it is possible to choose the entity that will receive the donation and the amount is fully allocated to the selected organization.

In 2023, CUFA received R$ 1.2 million in donations made through the iFood app. And, in the third quarter of last year, it had already embraced the mission of helping families who suffered losses due to the floods in Rio Grande do Sul.

In this campaign, the donations on the app reached R$ 72,680 and were donated to food cards for families in that region.

As a Brazilian company, iFood joins organizations and citizens who are mobilizing to provide immediate assistance to people who are in extremely vulnerable situations. And donations received are donated according to the needs of each project.

How to make a donation and help families in RS

  1. Open the iFood app and click on “Profile” in the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Scroll to the option “Donations”
  3. Click on the banner which is at the top of the screen or in “CUFA – Help the victims of heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul”
  4.  Click on the “I want to donate” button
  5. Choose an amount and click the “Send Donation” button
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