Rains in RS: iFood makes emergency transfers to partners

Company provides transfers to delivery drivers, restaurants and stores in the state

iFood made an emergency transfer to help delivery drivers, restaurants and stores in Rio Grande do Sul, where strong storms are causing flooding. Besides the campaign to collect donations, which is active on the application, the company will help delivery drivers and employees and advance payments to restaurants.

For delivery drivers, iFood made an emergency transfer of R$ 2 million on May 8 to offer financial support and guarantee a minimum income during this critical period.

Emergency payment for delivery people

  • Emergency transfer: was done for all active delivery men and women who made at least one delivery per week in the last four weeks.
  • Average earnings: the amount of the transfer was calculated based on the average earnings of the delivery man or woman in the last month so that the aid was proportional to their usual earnings.
  • Minimum payment of R$ 100: Regardless of the average earnings, iFood guarantees a payment of at least R$ 100. This means that even if the delivery drivers' earnings were below this amount, they will still receive R$ 100. 
  • Who receives: To access the emergency payment, the delivery person must have made at least one delivery per week in the last four weeks. There is no need to make any request: the amount is transferred directly to the bank account registered in the app.

The transfer was made on May 8th to Nuvens. For OL delivery drivers, the transfer follows the dates pre-agreed with the Logistics Operator.

In addition to the emergency transfer, iFood is working together with the Professional Motorcyclists Union of Porto Alegre (SINDIMOTO) to offer other types of support to affected delivery drivers, such as food donations, hygiene kits and essential items.

Emergency transfer for restaurants

To try to minimize losses and assist iFood partners in impacted cities, the company brought forward the transfer of all sales made until May 5th and covered all advance costs. For stores that already have transfer plans in seven days or one day, iFood refunded the fee. 

  • How to receive: To receive the fee transfer or refund, it is not necessary to make any request: the amount is transferred directly to the bank account registered in the app.
  • Date: the deposit took place on May 8th.
  • Super Restaurants: During the month of May, all indicators of the Super Restaurantes program will be protected against declines, ensuring that the state's partner stores are not harmed during this period.

Transfer to other stores

iFood anticipated the transfer to markets, pharmacies, petshops and convenience stores, covering all advance costs. The transfer was made until May 9th, directly into the bank account registered on the Partner Portal.

How to make a donation and help families in RS

1 – Open the iFood app and click on “Profile” in the bottom right corner of the screen

2 – Scroll down to the “Donations” option

3 – Click on the banner at the top of the screen or on “CUFA – Help the victims of heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul”

4 – Click on the “I want to donate” button

5 – Choose an amount and click on the “Send Donation” button

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