Angels in Helmets from iFood trains delivery partners in RJ

An initiative carried out with public authorities in five Brazilian capitals has already qualified around 300 cyclists and motorcyclists in the last year. Know more.

Initiative carried out with public authorities in five Brazilian capitals has already qualified around 300 cyclists and motorcyclists last year

Rio de Janeiro receives the largest group since the launch of the project, which has brought training and training to delivery drivers across the country in an unprecedented and pioneering way

Thousands of delivery people roam the streets of cities every day, so it is essential to ensure safety and take extra care with traffic. Therefore, iFood has taken an unprecedented and pioneering project to train and qualify these workers in different regions of the country, transforming them into important road safety agents. The new city receiving the initiative today is Rio de Janeiro, which will have the largest group formed since the beginning of the program. O Helmet Angels will be carried out in partnership with Rio City Hall and, by the beginning of December, 230 volunteer delivery drivers will be trained in first aid and traffic safety.

In-person classes are held at the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Guard Battalion and everyone will learn important notions about road safety, first aid and what to do in the event of an accident, whether directly involved or not. Lectures and practical instructions will be held by the GM-Rio Teaching Academy, from this Tuesday until December 2nd. The project has support from Rio's Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Innovation and Simplification (SMDEIS).

At the end of the course, delivery drivers will receive a personalized helmet that identifies them on the streets as “Angel in a Helmet”, as well as basic first aid equipment, a jacket, some safety kits and a training certificate.

“We strongly believe in the power to transform society through public-private partnerships. Society will count on additional support from these delivery drivers who will have vast knowledge of traffic safety and are trained to facilitate the work of emergency teams. After each training, we see how valued they feel for being part of this initiative”, says João Sabino, Director of Public Policies at iFood.

“Preparation makes all the difference in dealing with the reality that happens on the streets and its consequences. Having the knowledge and initiative to carry out a traffic stop, for example, can prevent other accidents and even guarantee the extension of life. This partnership will only bring gains to the city. The Municipal Guard has its doors open to Ifood and all other entities that have this type of concern, which contributes to improving people's quality of life, organizing the city more and improving the relationship between the various agents that make up the traffic”, highlighted the commander of GM-Rio, inspector general José Ricardo Soares.

“Rio City Hall is committed to integration and dialogue with applications, so that everyone wins, because when activities are organized, the people who need to work benefit, the agents responsible for inspection, the companies and especially the population. Congratulations to everyone involved in this initiative and the most important thing is that motorcyclists are receiving extra qualifications, which can save lives”, said Chicão Bulhões, from Rio's Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Innovation and Simplification (SMDEIS).

The Anjos do Capacete program is in its fifth edition and has already trained around 300 cyclists and motorcyclists in one year in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife, João Pessoa and Maceió. In addition, throughout the year, different awareness actions are carried out on safe driving, in addition to the initiatives that iFood promotes to guarantee the physical well-being of the delivery person. Among them, the distribution of personal protective equipment, accident insurance, access to health benefit plans, protection funds in cases of illness, among others, stand out.

“For iFood, the relationship is only worthy if those who work with applications can do so in safe conditions that allow them to generate income to guarantee their own livelihood, prosper and realize their dreams. The company has also acted proactively to create a regulation to digital platform workers”, says João Sabino, from iFood.

Watch testimonials from those who have already participated in the program:

*Photo credit: Robert Gomes

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