Angels in Helmets: iFood trains delivery drivers in first aid

Discover Anjos de Capacete, the iFood project that trains delivery drivers to provide first aid and make traffic safer. The initiative takes place in partnership with several city halls.

Everyone knows that working with delivery requires a lot of care and attention in traffic. It was thinking about the daily lives of delivery people that the iFood created Anjos de Capacete, a project aimed at preventing accidents, traffic safety and training these professionals in first aid.

The initiative takes place through public-private partnerships between iFood and several city halls across the country. Last year, 162 delivery drivers have already volunteered to receive training, 24 in the city of São Paulo (SP), 85 in Belo Horizonte (MG) and 53 in Recife (PE). The project is expanding to other city halls, in order to foster a true legion of heroes across the country who do not wear a cape but rather a white helmet – the symbol of those who qualify as Helmeted Angels. 

The theoretical part of the training, which totals 40 class hours, is offered through the EaD (Distance Education) platform iFood Takes Off. The practical part, carried out in person in partnership with SAMU (Mobile Emergency Care Service) and the municipal transit agency, lasts an average of 4 to 5 hours.  

“Today, we already have Angels in three Brazilian cities keeping an eye on everything that happens in traffic and aware of the best safety practices and measures that must be taken in cases of accidents”, comments João Sabino, director of Public Policies at iFood. According to him, the company intends to train a few hundred more delivery drivers by the end of the year. “It makes all the difference knowing that there are attentive and prepared eyes circulating on the streets and avenues.”

Small actions can save lives

The great difference of the project is the fact that a quick and conscious action on what to do in the event of a traffic accident, such as calling SAMU or providing first aid in advance, can be decisive in saving a life. 

An example of this was what happened to a victim of a traffic accident in Recife who was able to count on the help of delivery girl Cintya Cavalcanti. She had graduated from the Anjos de Capacete project just two days ago and helped rescue the victim, reducing the severity of the accident.

One of the first groups formed in the Anjos de Capacete project

“I hope that more delivery drivers take part in Anjos de Capacete, as the project provides very important information for our daily lives, such as traffic safety and first aid”, says delivery driver Jefferson de Araújo, 49. He participated in the training on August 18th, in Recife. 

To encourage the engagement of delivery partners in the initiative and recognize those who already participate, iFood distributes gifts. For motorcyclists, jackets, helmets, kite antenna and first aid kit are provided. Cyclists receive a t-shirt, windbreaker, squeeze bottle, bicycle rack, helmet and also a first aid kit.

Next, check out the learning journey of a delivery man who graduates as a Helmet Angel.

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