Commitment Letter – Delivery Drivers Forum

*Updated on 01/19/2023

On the 13th, 14th and 15th of December 2021, the 1st Delivery Drivers Forum in Brazil, together with iFood and 23 representatives of the category from 14 cities in the country. Among the participants were delivery men and women who work in different models (Cloud and Logistics Operator) and modes (motorcycle and bicycle).

In three days of work, everyone was able to talk, listen and learn together.

Delivery drivers presented the main challenges in their daily lives. iFood openly listened to all demands with empathy, understood that there are opportunities for improvement, and was also able to provide more visibility and transparency about the model operated by the platform, as well as its relationship with delivery drivers.

During the Forum, there was an understanding between the company and delivery drivers that everyone wants and seeks continuous improvements.

Like every construction process, the parties defined priorities and adjusted deadlines for improvements.

Short term:

Actions that must be carried out by March 2022.


  • Provide more transparency about the reason for alerts and temporary suspensions in messages: Deadline 2/Jan/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED 
  • Carry out an information campaign about what can cause blockages on the platform: Deadline: January/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED
  • Transparency about account deactivation. Deadline: February/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED
  • The possibility will be opened for delivery drivers to contest deactivations again, starting with those that occurred in the last 6 months. Deadline: March/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED
  • Cases of contesting deactivations will be reviewed by people, except in situations of financial fraud, account use by third parties and registration fraud, which constitute permanent deactivation in accordance with the terms and conditions. Deadline: March/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED
  • Review the process for contesting the deactivation of OL delivery drivers. Deadline: March/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED

Respect and Valuation

  • National campaign to value the work carried out by delivery drivers. Deadline: March 31, 2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED
  • Better communicate the Reporting Channel to delivery drivers. Deadline: January/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED
  • Automation of waiting rates in the restaurant: Deadline: January/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED

OL-Cloud Migration

  • Review of the process of migrating OL delivery drivers to the Cloud so that delivery drivers have more autonomy for the request and with new rules – Deadline: February/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED
  • Reduction in the profile migration period, to 35 days without runs by OL (necessary period due to fortnightly transfers): Deadline: January/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED 

Support Points

  • In-app search for support point experience. Deadline: January/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED

Fees and Earnings

  • Evaluate the possibility of implementing the annual adjustment. Deadline: March/2022 | STATUS: DELIVERED 


Topics that will be prioritized, discussed by the company and debated with delivery drivers in the next Forums.

Grouping and Scheduling

  • Review of operation and usability of tools to ensure better experience and gains for the delivery person | STATUS: DELIVERED 

Support Points

  • Carrying out audits and inspections of Support Points based on notes made by the delivery people themselves | STATUS: DELIVERED 
  • Listen to delivery drivers when deciding on the definition of new locations to implement new Support Point models | STATUS: DELIVERED 

Fees and Earnings

  • Possibility of reviewing the minimum tariff | STATUS: DELIVERED 

At this event, it was also decided that, from 2022 onwards, Regional forums with delivery drivers active on the platform as a way of continuing this movement of listening, transparency and improvements.

The representatives – of the delivery drivers and iFood, present at the 1st Brazilian Delivery Drivers Forum, signed this letter reinforcing the commitments shared at the event.

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