Why do I need to provide the delivery code to receive the order?

Ask any questions about these numbers that delivery drivers sometimes ask for before delivering your purchase

In some cases, the delivery person asks the delivery code for those who will receive what they purchased on the iFood app. There's no secret: these are the last four numbers on the customer's cell phone.

What is delivery code?

This code is a security measure for both customers and delivery people. After all, he is the one who guarantees that the order was delivered

Therefore, this code should only be passed on by customers to the delivery man or woman at the time of delivery. order delivery. With this confirmation, iFood records that the purchase was actually delivered and delivery people are authorized to give the bag to customers.

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How should delivery people proceed?

First, they will ask for the code, which they will then enter into their apps. After the delivery man or woman validates the code, he or she can complete the delivery and give the purchase or meal to customers.

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Where is the delivery code on iFood?

For customers, these numbers appear on the order tracking screen in the app. But it's easy to remember: this number will always correspond to the last four digits of your cell phone.

Why do some delivery people ask for a code and others don't?

iFood has two different delivery models. The first is when the delivery is made by the establishment itself, with delivery people hired by it. In the second, iFood is the one who delivers the order with delivery people registered on the app; This is what we call Partner Delivery.

In the Partner Delivery model, the code is mandatory and must be entered into the app by the delivery person. In deliveries made by couriers hired by establishments, people in the store have the option of requesting the code or not. Today, the majority of iFood deliveries are made by delivery people from the restaurant itself (61% of orders in 2022).

What to do if you have a problem with the code?

If your order does not have a code, you can ask for help in the app itself. O iFood will ask for your report to understand what happened and, thus, define whether or not the order should be canceled.

Scam alert

If you have given your code, do not return the order to the delivery person

The code confirms that you have received the order and that it is in your hands. If there is a problem with your order, contact the restaurant or iFood via the app, but do not return it to the delivery person to avoid exposing yourself to the possibility of a scam.

What if the delivery person asks for this code via chat?

Do not share the number via chat, just inform the delivery person in person, when you receive your delivery.

What if the delivery person asks to contact you via WhatsApp?

Do not contact delivery people via WhatsApp or other communication channels where your phone number is accessible, as this attitude can also expose you to the possibility of a scam.

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