How delivery drivers can report cases of discrimination

iFood has a free psychological and legal support center, an initiative in partnership with Black Sisters in Law; step by step shows how to report correctly

iFood defends appreciation and respect for delivery people. Therefore, it has a policy of zero tolerance in relation to offenses or aggressions towards these professionals, expressed in the application's Terms of Use.

In June, the company started to offer a psychological and legal support center to support delivery drivers who experience situations of discrimination and violence.

The service is free and includes legal and psychological assistance for all couriers and couriers active on the iFood app who have been victims of discrimination while carrying out their profession.

Legal and psychological support is provided through a partnership with Black Sisters in Law, a global association of black lawyers who work in various areas of law.

In order for Black Sisters in Law to offer this welcome and take appropriate measures, it is essential that delivery drivers who suffer discrimination report the case to iFood. It is very important that the victim gathers, whenever possible, evidence, such as photos, videos or witnesses.

Find out below what steps are necessary to correctly report it to iFood.

Delivery drivers: how to report discrimination?

  • Access the iFood app menu for Deliverers;
  • Select the “Serious case alert” option;
  •  Choose the option “I want to report a serious case”;
  • Select the option “I suffered discrimination”
  • Write a detailed account of what happened;
  • If applicable, attach relevant photos;
  • Send your report.

The iFood security team then contacts the delivery man or woman to register the case and provide the first welcome. 

At this time, legal and psychological assistance is offered. If the delivery person wants support, a lawyer from Black Sisters in Law will get in touch and arrange the next steps directly with the delivery person.

The service is offered for the investigation phase, from registering the police report to completing the investigation of the case at the police station. iFood will analyze the extent of assistance in cases at the judicial level on a case-by-case basis. 

It is worth clarifying that legal assistance is also available for recording a police report. Being accompanied by a specialized professional can make a difference in these cases.

In addition to legal support, delivery drivers are entitled to receive psychological assistance, with up to three therapy sessions to help deal with the emotional consequences of this type of situation.

The delivery person is free to say whether they want both legal and psychological support or just one or the other.

There is a capacity to handle up to 80 cases per month, and all cases will be directed to lawyers and psychologists who are physically close to the victim.

Cases reported as discrimination to iFood, but which do not qualify as discrimination, will not be attended to. It is important, therefore, to report correctly to ensure prompt service from Black Sisters in Law in eligible cases. 

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