How does iFood’s relationship with the delivery person work?

Updated on 03/29/2023

Deliverers who use the iFood platform can be in the cloud or make deliveries linked to a logistics operator (OL). Next, understand the difference between them.

After all, what is OL?

OL is a company specialized in fast deliveries that has a commercial partnership with iFood. Through this partnership, OL registers its delivery team on the iFood platform, allowing them to receive delivery orders through the application.

All route and tip amounts are passed on to the OL and it is responsible for the amounts owed to its delivery people.

What is the difference to the cloud delivery person?

The cloud delivery person is independent. You have the freedom to make your deliveries how, when and where you want.

Today, this is the case for around 90% of delivery people who use the iFood app for Delivery People. They are not exclusive and they can work for as many apps as they want.

That's why, even though iFood distributes more than 150 thousand bags per year, sometimes the delivery person makes a delivery through iFood using the bag from other apps. They are also free to work with whatever material they want.

And how are materials distributed, such as backpacks with the iFood brand?

There are three ways:

Partner restaurants can purchase the backpacks through iFood Shop, with a CNPJ registration and distribute them to their own delivery drivers.

In events and promotional campaigns where materials are distributed.

Via the Delivery Man's Store, available on the iFood app for Delivery People.

How did delivery people evaluate the partnership with iFood during the pandemic?

Research shows that 8 out of 10 delivery drivers considered the initiatives to combat Covid-19 taken by iFood to be very positive.*

92% of delivery drivers intend to continue delivering via apps after the current crisis.*

Deliverers from all over Brazil gave an 8.9 rating to the measures to combat Covid-19 adopted by iFood. This was the best evaluation among the actions to combat Covid-19 carried out by companies in the sector operating in Brazil.*

Nine out of 10 delivery drivers value having flexible hours and freedom to make their income*.

68% of delivery partners recommend the platform to their friends. 22% did not give an opinion and only 10% would not recommend it*.

66% of delivery partners are satisfied with our initiatives**.*Source: Locomotiva Survey, carried out between April 23 and 26, 2020.** Source: Satisfaction surveys carried out by iFood.

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