How do tips work?

Recognizing partner delivery drivers is certainly one of iFood's main features. Therefore, every month, iFood transfers millions of reais in tips given by customers. In May of this year alone, for example, there were 2 and a half million reais in the form of recognition.

And how are tips given by customers?

In the app itself.

After the order is delivered, the customer is invited to evaluate their delivery, indicating whether they liked it or not.

If the review is positive, the customer can choose to leave a tip and what amount it will be. Once done, just click “Send”.

Ready! This recognition from the customer is passed on in full to the delivery person. 100% of the amount offered goes directly to his account, helping to build his income and encouraging him to improve more and more every day.

Sometimes the option to tip may not appear at the end of the delivery. This happens because some restaurants have their own delivery people, and tipping via the app is only available to iFood partner delivery people.

How and when do delivery drivers receive tips?

Delivery drivers receive the amount of tips along with their weekly payment, via bank transfer.

Tips during a pandemic:

And those who understand the value of the delivery person, like iFood, know the importance of tipping. That's why in April and June 2020, iFood doubled the value of all tips offered via the app in a social action of recognition when the whole of Brazil had to stay at home. In total, more than 11 million reais were given to the delivery drivers in the form of tips: half offered by customers, and half through this iFood action.

Therefore, in this true partnership system, everyone wins: the delivery people, the customers, the restaurants and iFood.

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