Delivery drivers cut their hair using a ruler to support Brazil

iFood action in São Paulo brings barber Ariel Franco to create special hairstyles for 500 delivery people

Today there are iFood delivery people walking around with a different hairstyle. Little hair in a ruler, green and yellow topknot, flag on the back of the neck, blue hair full of stars...

This is because in São Paulo (SP) they participated in a special action carried out by iFood this Thursday (8/12) to reinforce support for Brazil.

iFood summoned the barber Ariel Franco, from the Rei do Blindado Barbershop, to create special and colorful cuts for delivery drivers who are supporting Brazil. 

For one day, Ariel and her team left their salon at the Metrô Tatuapé shopping center and came to the Support point from Cardeal Arcoverde to cut the hair of 500 delivery drivers in the Corte 6 Estrelas action. Everything to give that strength to the team that faces Croatia in the quarter-finals of the football world cup.

“The appearance of the staff to make deliveries has improved. The action was very top notch with the very good presence of Ariel, who is an inspiration for us, always evolving”, says Miguel, who participated in the action.

“The experience I had here was wonderful. The barber gave his hair a treatment, with a football theme, the best thing in the world”, said Bruno Marcelo.

“I think the initiative is very good. I would like it to happen more often, not just on game days”, commented Gabriel.

Want to see how it turned out? We show some hairstyles from the Corte 6 Estrelas action in the gallery below.

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