How does iFood send routes to delivery people?

The operation and criteria for the iFood delivery route raise some doubts among customers and the platform's delivery partners. 

Therefore, in this content, we will clarify some of these doubts and explain how the platform selects couriers to deliver each order. 

How does the iFood delivery route work?

We will define the iFood delivery route from the moment the customer places an order via app

After this step, the restaurant accepts and begins preparing the consumer's order. In the meantime, we will send the route to available couriers who want to collect and deliver the order to the customer. 

If several partners are available, iFood uses some criteria to send the delivery route to the couriers.

How does iFood send the delivery route to delivery people?

After the order is placed by the customer and approved by the restaurant, iFood begins to select available delivery people within a radius of up to 5km from the location.

Often, the order may fall to a delivery person who is far from the restaurant. This occurs when the establishment receives a large volume of orders. 

Finally, another factor that will influence is the availability of the delivery person when the order is placed on the iFood app. For example, it may even appear as available, however, if the partner already has other delivery programs, the app will look for other couriers. 

How does iFood separate delivery routes between bike, motorcycle, drone and car?

iFood has a series of ways to create and send a delivery route to a platform partner. 

However, the separation of routes for bikes, motorcycles, cars and drones is not done randomly. Therefore, check out some criteria used: 

  • For shorter routes and lighter orders, iFood generally selects delivery people who are on bikes.
  • Orders with longer routes, and that fit in the bag, go to delivery people on motorbikes.
  • Those heavier or bulkier orders, such as large supermarket purchases, are directed to delivery people who are in cars.

How to receive more delivery orders via iFood?

In addition to evaluating customers, we will also evaluate delivery drivers based on their performance on the platform. The objective is for the consumer experience to be the best possible.

But, if you are a partner and are not receiving a consistent volume of orders, check out some tips to receive more delivery routes:

  • Be kind and friendly to customers: This attracts more likes, improves the rating and can even earn you more tips.
  • Only go online when you can actually make deliveries: the delivery person has complete autonomy to accept the orders they want. However, if an order is rejected 3 times in a row, the iFood system understands that that delivery person is not available and stops calling him for deliveries for 15 minutes.
  • Prevent the route from being canceled automatically:  We know that unforeseen events happen. Therefore, if you are unable to make a delivery that you have already accepted, it is advisable to cancel it and become unavailable on the app. Avoid canceling and remain available. Successive delivery cancellations may result in route cancellation.

Check out some iFood actions to promote the safety of delivery people

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