The advantages of working with an electric motorcycle

In a new video from the "Opening a bag" series, delivery man Bruno tells how iFood's non-polluting vehicle resulted in savings for his work

Bruno has been working as a delivery man at iFood for almost three years. “The first year it was cool, it helped me a lot, I paid a lot of bills. But, with the price of fuel and maintenance rising, I needed to see what to do to increase my income”, he says in the fourth video in the series “Opening the Bag", from the Much More Than a Request campaign, available on company channel on YouTube and on its digital platforms.

The delivery man comments to the other colleagues present that, while trying to think of a solution to his costs, he stopped at a traffic light on Avenida Nove de Julho, in São Paulo (SP), and was surprised when he looked to the side. “I said 'wow, what a motorcycle of the future!'”, he recalls. 

It was the electric motorcycle launched in May 2022 by iFood, which was on display at VOLTZ store, the partner that developed this non-polluting mode. Bruno didn't hesitate. “I thought 'I'm going to go in and see if I can get one', right?” Said and done: he left there as one of the first delivery partners of iFood to buy the electrically powered motorcycle. “I think I was the third to take off the bike here in São Paulo”, he says. “So yes, my income increased!”

He highlights the savings generated by the electric motorcycle, which costs R$ 0.06 per kilometer driven for delivery drivers and reduces expenses by up to 70% with fuel and maintenance, compared to a combustion motorcycle. “It’s a lot of savings”, he assesses.

Thinking about the most economical option, Bruno financed the purchase of electric motorcycle, which is sold for R$ 9,999.90 – a differentiated value for iFood delivery partners. “In all plans the prices are very affordable, you can afford it”, he says. This price applies to all couriers who have been active on the platform for at least three months and who have completed at least 1,767 routes and received more than 92.64% of likes from customers.

Battery autonomy

Bruno also explains to his colleagues that he bought the electric motorcycle without the battery and joined the shared system, in which delivery men and women make a monthly subscription plan and they can change batteries at authorized stations as many times as necessary. 

Monthly payments cost from R$ 129 (for those driving up to 2,000 km) to R$ 319 (for unlimited mileage and exchanges). With each battery, Bruno states that he can travel around 80 kilometers, “which is about four, five hours”.

The adoption of electric motorcycles also “saves” the environment, since this non-polluting mode does not emit CO2. By the end of 2022, iFood hopes to have 10,000 electric motorcycles on the streets, which could prevent the emission of more than 30,000 tons of this greenhouse gas into the atmosphere in one year. For these and other reasons, Bruno leaves a final message for his colleagues who are watching the video: “Come to the world of trams!”

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