Delivery man tells how he uses iFood health assistance

Discover the services included in Advantage Delivery, such as free teleconsultations and discounts at pharmacies

Health care is one of the pillars of Delivery of Advantages, which in 2023 was expanded to bring together all the advantages offered to delivery men and women registered with iFood. 

In partnership with AVUS, iFood offers free assistance, which includes free teleconsultations with doctors, face-to-face consultations from R$ 19.90, discounts of up to 80% in pharmacies and a 20% rebate on the dental plan. Additionally, it is possible to include a dependent of the delivery man or woman.

All information about health care Delivery Advantages are in the delivery app. Services are available in 700 cities, and assistance already covers 82,500 people, between delivery people and their dependents. 

Among them is the delivery man Agnaldo: he says that if registered with Avus when he started working on the iFood platform to supplement his income.

“For me it was much better, because today I have support whenever I need a doctor, quickly”, says Agnaldo in a series video “Opening the Bag”, by Much More Than a Request campaign.

No “hi and bye” consultation

He explains to colleagues that he schedules appointments via the website, without bureaucracy. “You choose your neighborhood and the address and consultation fee will appear. After an hour or two they call or send a message on WhatsApp to confirm.”

Avus health assistance also includes discounts on dental procedures, laboratory and imaging tests and sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists (in person or online).

Agnaldo has already used and approved the health services. He comments that, at first, he was expecting a “hi and goodbye” consultation, but he was surprised. “I really liked the doctor, he was very attentive. I've had an appointment like this: I was on a motorbike, I stopped, I told the doctor that I was on the street working. He asks what you have, there’s no rush”, he praises.

The delivery man also approved the speed of service. “Today, at any time, whether it’s day, night or I’m on the street, simply [if I’m] on my cell phone I can consult myself.”

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