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Find out more about how iFood relates to delivery people.

You know who are the delivery people who bring the food you ordered via the iFood app to your home? Furthermore, what is the relationship between iFood delivery people and the platform? How much do they earn? Therefore, these and other questions still generate doubts among people and even some distrust.

Below, you will find out more about how iFood relates to delivery people and learn about the platform's initiatives that are unprecedented among food delivery apps.

This is the case of Delivery Drivers Forum, which brought together several leaders in the category and gave rise to a letter of commitment from iFood to the delivery people, and the insurance that provides coverage for temporary injuries.

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How much does an iFood delivery partner earn?

  • In this independent work model, the number of hours a delivery person logs onto the platform directly influences how much they can earn. But it is precisely this flexibility that delivery men and women like so much. While some choose to work full time and others choose to use the platform just to supplement their income, working a few hours a day.
  • Anyone who is available at least 140 hours a month – or 35 hours a week – can earn two to four times the amount equivalent to the minimum wage. check out here How the route value is calculated.
  • At this point, you probably remember how much gasoline weighs on these professionals' pockets, right? iFood too! Therefore, we readjusted route prices twice in 2021 and created the temporary fuel fund – of R$ 8 million – to help delivery drivers face rising fuel prices. iFood also offers other program benefits and discounts Delivery of Advantages, which help them save money on a daily basis.

Did you know that every iFood partner delivery person has free insurance?

  • iFood supports, free of charge, the delivery person with personal accident insurance and is the only company that offers temporary injury coverage. In the event of disability or accidental death, coverage can reach R$100 thousand. Temporary injury coverage can reach R$1,500 in compensation with absence of 7 days or more.
  • We also provide a health service benefit plan for all delivery drivers registered on the platform and their dependents, in partnership with AVUS, free of charge. Thus, they can consult with doctors and undergo tests for a very affordable price – from R$ 19.90.
  • Until November 2021, iFood invested more than R$150.6 million in safety measures for delivery people.
  • Furthermore, iFood has different formats of support points, in partnership with more than 1,200 restaurants in 14 cities, for delivery drivers to use during activity periods.

Did you know that iFood held the first Delivery Drivers Forum in Latin America?

  • iFood is always attentive and open to listening to the platform's delivery partners and learning from what is around us. But we know we need to do more.
  • The company was the first food delivery platform in Latin America to carry out a meeting with delivery people, which resulted in a series of company commitments that will bring improvements to the category.
  • Among the commitments is increasing transparency on topics such as blocks and deactivations of delivery person accounts on the platform.
  • We are not afraid to review, adjust, test, correct. This is how iFood has always worked. This is how we want to continue to be.

Why doesn't iFood hire delivery people as CLT?

Autonomy, independence and flexibility are highly valued by delivery people. In fact, among delivery drivers who have already worked with a formal contract, 66% say they prefer the more flexible work model, without a boss, without fixed hours and with the possibility of combining deliveries via the app with another occupation. This is what a study by the Locomotiva Institute, from April 2021, revealed.

But who said that flexibility and autonomy at work are incompatible with rights and benefits? In July 2021, our president, Fabricio Bloisi, published an article inviting society to debate new rules for new work relationships.

iFood support for delivery people 

In addition to all the advantages offered by iFood for its delivery people, such as Delivery of Advantages, iFood Pedal, Safe It is Support Points, the platform offers a rapid support system for all partners. 

Check out how delivery people can talk to iFood: 

  • Access the delivery app;
  • At the top of the app, click on the “three bars”; 
  • Go to the “Support” option and click on the reason to request support;
  • Finally, click on the “Contact support” option.

In addition to the support channel, we provide more than 1600 support points spread across 14 Brazilian cities. 

Currently, iFood has more than 200,000 couriers registered on the platform, delivering around 65 million orders per month.

Real stories from iFood delivery people

In addition to a series of advantages and a support channel for all delivery people on the platform, iFood offers educational means so that these partners can grow within the company. 

As is the case with Vitor and Wagner Souto. He was an iFood delivery man for several years and, after taking a programming course, Wagner posted on his Linkedin page: “hello, iFood. There are cyclists who want to become developers.”

Today, Wagner Souto is a software engineer at iFood. 

Finally, the story of Jefferson. After becoming frustrated at not being able to become a football player, but after his daughters were born, he found the courage to change the game. Today, Jefferson makes deliveries to iFood with his bicycle and still manages to practice the sport he loves most. 

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