Brazilian Delivery Drivers Forum results in a letter of commitment for the category

Between December 13th and 15th, 23 delivery leader-leaders from 14 cities met with iFood to present the category's main challenges at the 1st Brazilian Delivery Drivers Forum.

Between December 13th and 15th, 23 delivery leader-leaders from 14 cities met with iFood to present the category's main challenges at the 1st Brazilian Delivery Drivers Forum. The plurality of ideas among the participants, who work in different models (Cloud and Logistics Operator) and modes (motorcycle and bicycle) coexisted with the unison effort of the parties to find possible ways to meet the main demands of the delivery drivers.

All representatives of the category had the opportunity to express themselves and present the difficulties they experience on a daily basis – for example, questions about reasons for account blocking and inactivation, migration of delivery personnel from the Logistics Operator model to the Cloud, search for more respect and appreciation of work, adjustments to the model operated at support points, possibility of annual adjustment of rates, considerations regarding scheduling and double deliveries, among others. The debates were mediated by Enraize Consultancy facilitators.

iFood listened openly to all demands, with empathy. “The open dialogue paved the way for opportunities to promote improvements, as well as provide more visibility and transparency about the model operated by the platform and its relationship with delivery people”, assesses João Sabino, Director of Public Policies and Government Relations at iFood. “ and was also able to give more.

Following the meeting, a commitment letter between delivery drivers and company representatives. “This is a pact to ensure more transparency in the relationship and the search for improvements, with viable solutions that benefit all couriers in the short and medium term”, explains Sabino.

“We are here representing the thousands of young people and parents who depend on the platform. We, on the front line, had the view that there were things that could improve. We hope that these improvements will be implemented for professionals”, comments Ferrugem, delivery leader in Goiânia.

“When we listen, closely, to the stories of these professionals, we understand that we need to go beyond research and data on operational results and add to the analyzes the impacts of the delivery man’s performance and how he feels all of this at the end”, says João Sabino, director of Public Policy and Government Relations at iFood.

Convergence points

Among the Forum's achievements are clearer rules and operating models, as well as more transparent communication, with the right to contest deactivations. For Vanessa Barbosa, delivery leader from Belo Horizonte, the most important thing about the Forum was being heard and iFood being aware of the demands presented. “I discussed the difficulties we experienced on the street. I think that just the fact that we arrived here, that they listened to us and forwarded what we wanted was a great victory”, she assesses.

Another important point discussed was the anticipation of the migration of the delivery driver who works at the Logistics Operator – a company hired by iFood to operate in some markets, with definition of shift schedules and scheduling – to the Cloud model – delivery person registered directly on the iFood platform.

“The meeting was important to listen, learn even more about the daily lives of delivery men and women, have the opportunity to ask questions, explain the need for some processes and also bring solutions to improve the experience with the platform”, he comments. Claudia Storch, operations director at iFood. “Listening to the realities of delivery people in different regions was essential to define priorities for execution. This listening needs to be continuous and adds to other initiatives to promote a positive model for all parts of our ecosystem”

Marcel Alonso, director of operations at iFood, the Forum also served as a thermometer for both sides of the discussion table. “We were able to present, in more depth, the functioning and dynamics of the platform and the complexity of the operation. “This allows us to provide more clarity and transparency in the relationship with the delivery person.”

Next steps

The 1st Delivery Drivers Forum was the result of more than 50 previous meetings with category leaders throughout 2021. “It was a challenging event to hold and from which we left happy for the achievement of uniting multiple visions in search of joint solutions”, assesses Johnny Borges, Communities Manager at iFood.

For next year, other regional Forums are planned with active couriers on the platform, in order to continue the process of listening, transparency and improvements. “Now we have the mission of traveling across the states of Brazil, talking to the largest number of delivery people,” says Borges.

Voices from delivery leaders about the importance of the event

Vitor Cachorro Loco, Porto Alegre (RS)

“It was an achievement we had on the streets to continue seeking improvements for the category. These are advances that we have achieved. Not all of them, but it is already significant. iFood has an opportunity to make history, and so that it can make a difference and consolidate itself as the best platform in Brazil.”

Alanderson Baião, Rio de Janeiro

“The Forum was essential, an achievement for the category. We were recognized as an essential service during the pandemic, which made a lot of progress in both thinking and work. The Forum also showed that this achievement is being seen by iFood, at the same time that it showed the importance of the company for the delivery person's life. It was an evolution, something big for us. This moment of being able to listen to each other was impactful.”

André Mendonça, São Paulo

“This represents the opening of doors and dialogue. It was important to listen and absorb to find a solution.”

Prince of deliveries, São Paulo (SP)

“It was important to see iFood's attitude towards delivery people and vice versa, understanding not the motorcycle courier's vision, but from the perspective of how the company works. It was important for us to know how everything works.”

Alessandro da Conceição (Smile), Brasília (DF)

“This forum was very important for our category. It was something we had been fighting for for years. We seek a concrete and personal dialogue with the company so that we can pass on the demands and that they can hear directly from the representatives who are on the streets, working, and have a better understanding of our daily lives.”

Wal, Salvador (BA)

“This exchange of experience is super important not only for iFood but also for the delivery people., . It's an experience that only we, the delivery people, have and that we need to bring to the company to improve. Then, we will take it to cities in all states in Brazil.”

Wagner Eufrazio, (RO)

“We hope that this will bring results for Rondônia and the whole of Brazil and that the next forums will have representatives from other states”.

Watch below how the meeting went:

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