What is the tripartite group for regulating work on apps?

Find out how this working group will work, who will be part of it and what the expected results are

iFood, as a Brazilian company, is part of the dialogue to regulate work on digital platforms in the country. 

In June, the company was present at the first meeting of the tripartite working group, alongside other companies in the sector, representatives of delivery drivers and members of the federal government.

This tripartite working group was established by the federal government on May 1, 2023 with the purpose of preparing proposals for regulating work through digital platforms — such as what is carried out by delivery men and women who use the iFood application.

In this group, iFood seeks to collaborate with the construction of a model that understands new labor relations, guarantees social protection and rights for workers and encourages innovation, with legal security for the industry. 

How does the tripartite working group work?

This group will meet to prepare proposals to regulate the activities of providing services, transporting goods, transporting people and other activities carried out through technological platforms. 

It is called tripartite because its 45 members will be divided into three equal parts: 15 representatives of the federal government, 15 representatives of workers and 15 representatives of application companies and cooperatives, including iFood, which occupies a seat in the Amobitec quota ( Brazilian Mobility and Technology Association). 

Together, these representatives must seek to make decisions by consensus on regulatory proposals. If this does not happen, the divergent proposals will be recorded in the final report to support the Executive Branch's position on the matter. 

The tripartite group will have a duration of 150 days (extendable once for an equal period), and its final report will be sent to the Minister of Labor and Employment.

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