iFood creates fuel fund for delivery people and readjusts route prices

iFood will make R$ 8 million available in a fund to minimize the impacts of rising fuel prices. For the second time in 2021, the value of routes will also be readjusted.

The company announces that it will make R$ 8 million available in a temporary fund until the end of the year to minimize the impacts of rising fuel prices on the daily lives of couriers. For the second time in 2021, the value of routes will also be readjusted.

By listening attentively to the needs of its partners, iFood announces the creation of a temporary fuel fund totaling R$ 8 million to help minimize the impacts caused by rising gasoline prices on the day-to-day activities of delivery partners. The amount will be transferred in November and December, with R$ 4 million each month.

For the second time this year, iFood will readjust the prices for delivery routes. From November onwards, there will be a national increase in kilometers driven, which represents a gain of up to 8%. This means gains on all routes traveled, especially on longer stretches. All adjustments will be duly communicated to the delivery partners.

“Delivery people are an essential part of the iFood ecosystem. Therefore, we permanently invest in initiatives that contribute to improving the daily lives of our partners”, comments Claudia Storch, logistics director at iFood. According to her, the creation of a support fund and the reviews and readjustments of the delivery driver's route values are reflections of iFood's concern with its delivery partner partners.

Other initiatives are also promoted by the company, such as incentive promotions continuously applied at times of greater demand and the possibility for the delivery partner to receive tips from customers, which are passed on in full to the delivery person.


In April 2021, iFood readjusted the minimum delivery fee. Regardless of the distance travelled, the value of a route is never less than R$5.31.

In the case of longer routes, there is an increase per kilometer traveled. It is worth noting that route prices vary and take into account factors such as distance traveled, city, day of the week, weather conditions of the day and mode used.

In the application itself, delivery people can check the prices of each delivery before accepting orders. Over the last year, those most active on the platform increased their earnings by 17%. Today, the average hour worked corresponds to around five times the hourly minimum wage.

At times of greater demand, such as commemorative dates, weekends and holidays, iFood also applies additional values to the route as a way of encouraging its delivery partners.

Cost reduction program

In search of alternatives to help delivery people reduce costs, iFood created the Delivery de Vantagens program a year ago. Through it, the worker has access to a package of benefits including motorcycle maintenance services (oil and tire changes and mechanical repairs), food purchases and education, as well as medical and dental care at subsidized prices. The program's partner brands include Valvoline, Samumotos, Allianz Assistance, Suhai, RClub, Saúde com Avus, WDental, LG, Magalu, Real FoodAlimentação and FAM.

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