iFood gives scholarships to delivery drivers to finish high school

iFood expands the offer of scholarships for delivery drivers who want to graduate from high school — find out what has changed in the My High School Diploma program here.

My High School Diploma is expanded to serve all professionals who want to take the exam to complete this stage of education

In December 2021, iFood launched, in partnership with Descomplica, the My High School Diploma program to offer 2,000 scholarships for delivery men and women to take the preparation course for Encceja (National Examination for Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults), an exam that gives those who pass a certificate of completion of high school. 

Now, in partnership with Termine Seu Estudos, the foodtech Brazilian company expands the reach of the program and will provide scholarships for all delivery men and women who sign up to take Encceja. Who wants to participate You can sign up on the My High School Diploma website, free of charge, between May 24th and June 4th. The test will be held on August 28th.

“We understand that there was a lot of interest in the topic and that many were unaware of the ways to resume and complete this journey that is so important for human development”, explains Luanna Luna, education manager at iFood. “It is an important step towards basic training, in addition to working on reestablishing self-confidence, which in many scenarios is a prerequisite for accessing other opportunities. 

In Brazil, half of the population over 25 years of age has not completed high school — there are almost 70 million people —, according to Pnad (National Household Sample Survey). In a survey carried out by iFood in 2022 with delivery drivers, 28% of the people interviewed said they did not have completed high school and 67% said they would like to complete this stage of education.

The Encceja preparation program offered in Meu Diploma do Ensino Médio is 100% online and free, and is available to the more than 200 thousand delivery drivers registered on the platform, with unlimited places. To participate, simply register on the app, be over 18 years old and have not completed high school.

Return to studies

Some of these people are already preparing to face Encceja in August. Delivery driver Elaine Zulato returned to school at age 55 to earn her high school diploma. “I always wanted to finish high school to continue my studies and go to college. When the message appeared on the delivery guys' app, I said: 'I'll try'”, she tells iFood News (read here Elaine's full story).

When she passes, she wants to take the Enem (National High School Exam) and go to college. “I really like the area of interior design and nursing. I’m very eclectic,” she says. “I’m 55 years old, and I’m proud to be that age and go back to school.”

Delivery man Marcelo Andrade, from Rio de Janeiro, says he studied until the sixth grade, as his parents had difficulty paying for his studies. Furthermore, transportation was precarious and there were no school meals where he studied. “It was discouraging going to school,” he remembers.

When he turned 18, he went to work in an acquaintance's butcher's shop. Later, he became a businessman in this field, but the company collapsed because he had no knowledge of how to manage it. Now, at 48 years old, Marcelo has resumed his studies: in addition to returning to school to finish primary school, he received a scholarship from My Secondary Education Diploma to also complete this stage. His big dream now is to graduate in Law. 

Service – My High School Diploma

What it is: scholarships for the 100% online course to prepare for the Encceja test, which provides a certificate of completion of high school

Who can participate: delivery men and women registered on the iFood app, over 18 years old, without high school education

Registration deadline: from 24/5 to 4/6

How to sign up: on the program website

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