iFood launches campaign with delivery drivers

The campaign proposes greater awareness regarding the need for respect and appreciation of these professionals by everyone.

iFood, with the aim of creating a movement of respect and appreciation for delivery drivers, entered into a partnership with Gana, an advertising agency formed 100% by black people from all regions of Brazil, to create the first campaign aimed at delivery drivers, called “There's Much More Than One Order in This Bag”.

The intention of the action is to give visibility to the daily lives of delivery drivers who work on the platform and the different initiatives that positively impact their routine, such as earnings, working conditions, safety and opportunities.

The advertising campaign features several pieces produced for digital, including a main film and a series of documentary videos about the day-to-day lives of these delivery men and women, bringing the message that inside each bag there are also their goals and dreams that depend on this profession, in addition to the company's initiatives to positively impact the professionals' routine and their future.

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