iFood launches campaign to value delivery drivers

Series of videos starring professionals who work through the app shows that bags carry much more than orders

Did you know that the majority of people who deliver via iFood do not feel that their profession is valued and respected by society? This was one of the pain points captured by the company in internal research and in the conversations that arose in the active listening meetings carried out with these partners.

“The appreciation of work does not only involve gains, it also involves respect. Therefore, we will carry out continuous campaigns to reinforce the importance of the profession and professionals”, says Claudia Storch, operations director at iFood.

To encourage the movement for more respect and appreciation for delivery people, iFood launches, in partnership with the Ghana agency, the “There’s Much More Than a Order in This Bag” campaign. The agency, whose team is made up only of black people (and from all regions of the country), was chosen for this work due to the sensitivity in which it looks at social issues and for understanding the collective and individual narrative of iFood partner delivery partners.

This series of documentary videos, starring real delivery drivers, seeks to raise public awareness about the importance of respecting and valuing these professionals. The idea that unites all the videos is that inside each bag there are also the goals and dreams that delivery drivers seek to fulfill. 

“The bag is the element that carries not only the brand's initiatives, but the dreams of an entire family, someone's goals, the livelihood of many”, explains Mycra Alves, strategy director at Gana. “The campaign starred David, Bruno, Adriano, Damile and other real iFood delivery people. The idea is for the workers themselves to take on the role of actors, for which they were duly remunerated.”

iFood initiatives to support delivery drivers

The realization of these dreams, in many cases, depends on this professional activity. Therefore, the campaign will also showcase iFood's initiatives to bring more earnings, better working conditions, more security It is opportunities for your partners.

“iFood is fully aware that there is a lot of room for improvement, which is why we are committed to listening, from the delivery drivers themselves, about what needs to change, improve or continue”, explains Leonardo Fabricio, logistics coordinator at iFood. 

“Our big dream is to always be the best partner for those who deliver and for the work on our platform to be emancipatory. Therefore, we took advantage of this campaign to also show that we are together with them for more respect and appreciation of this profession”, he adds.

From July 22nd, the “There’s Much More Than a Order in This Bag” campaign videos will be available on iFood channel on YouTube and on its digital platforms. Check out!

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