iFood launches center for delivery people who suffer abuse or aggression

The Psychological and Legal Support Center offers support to motorcycle couriers in partnership with the global association of black lawyers Black Sisters in Law

iFood offers support for delivery people who suffer abuse or aggression while working. After all, the company does not tolerate offenses or aggression towards delivery men and women nor manifestations of prejudice, harassment, bullying and incitement to violence against these workers.

In its strategic action to combat abuse or aggression against delivery drivers, iFood has a support center to assist these motorcycle couriers. This is an initiative of combating discrimination, guaranteeing access to justice and appreciation and respect for these workers.

The initiative will be made possible through a partnership with Black Sisters in Law, a global association of black lawyers who work in various areas of law and offers job opportunities for these professionals.

iFood understands the need to be proactive in breaking down barriers to accessing justice. Overcoming these barriers is the most important mechanism for minimum legal redress for victims of discrimination.

Psychological assistance is also essential to overcome the trauma caused by abuse or aggression. They can have extremely harmful consequences for the mental health of motorcycle couriers.

The initiative provides that all cases reported on the application can be directed to a lawyer and a psychologist associated with BlackSisters for assistance. 

Johnny Borges, head of Social Impact at iFood, reinforces that “the initiative is fundamental to actively combat discrimination and so that delivery people feel supported by cases of discrimination during their period of employment”.

“It is a strong initiative so that they feel increasingly valued and respected by the entire ecosystem that encompasses society, restaurants, iFood”, he says. “And so that they can seek compensation for a damage they have suffered. It's a big step for iFood to be even closer to the delivery drivers’ rush.”

Win-win relationship

“I believe that the partnership between iFood and Black Sisters is the most genuine example that business can have real social impacts”, says Dione Assis, founder of the association.

“It’s a real win-win game,” he says. “iFood wins, which will provide its couriers with a safety and protection instrument when they experience a situation of racism and racial slur. The Black Sisters in Law win, who will have the opportunity to practice law with dignity. And the delivery drivers win, who now have a platform at their disposal that will accompany them and provide legal assistance in the most challenging moments of carrying out their activity.”

Registration of the complaint

To be assisted by the iFood Psychological and Legal Support Center, the motorcycle courier must report the episode of discrimination.

To make a report, simply enter the iFood app menu for Deliverers and click on the “Serious case alert” option.

Then, access “I want to report a serious case”. Then choose the incident option, write the report attaching photos (if any) and send the report.

The delivery person will receive contact from the iFood Security team, who will provide guidance on the benefit of the center.

Moto couriers can access more information about the Psychological and Legal Support Center at Delivery Portal.

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