iFood offers 4 new insurance coverage for delivery partners

Policies provide support for delivery women with cancer and support in raising children, as well as emotional and financial support for the delivery men's families

iFood starts offering four new insurance coverages for its delivery partners. In addition to coverage for personal accidents, accidental death, temporary disability and temporary injury, the platform has expanded the benefits for these partners and now also offers special protection for women, coverage for the education of delivery drivers’ children in the event of a fatal accident, funeral assistance It is support with the Recomeço para Famílias program

The initiative is part of the efforts of foodtech to increasingly show the importance of delivery drivers for the platform and the appreciation of these workers. “iFood doesn't just want to offer the basics for the delivery guy. What we want is to be the best possible partner for delivery people and these new coverages are ways of demonstrating how much we value each of them and their families”, comments Alexandre Martinez, logistics manager at iFood.

Check in detail what is provided for each insurance:

Protection for Women

New coverage package to ensure the safety and comfort of delivery partners.

  • Coverage for cases of breast or cervical cancer of up to R$ 10 thousand reais;
  •  Maternity Benefit: support worth R$ 500.00 per maternity;
  • Wellbeing Assistance: services such as massage, waxing and manicure up to R$ 150.00 per year;
  •  Children’s Leave Benefit: compensation in the event of a child’s illness or accident.

Funeral Assistance Coverage

Assistance for funeral expenses due to accidental death from any cause during deliveries or upon return home.

  • Coverage up to R$ 5,000 

Coverage for Children of Delivery Drivers

Coverage offered by iFood for the education of children up to 18 years of age in the event of accidental death during deliveries or returning home.

  • Up to R$ 10 thousand per child

Fresh Start for Families

Carried out through a partnership with MetLife, the initiative provides weekly meetings on financial education and emotional support for the families of delivery partners in the event of accidental death. The meetings will be coordinated by DSOP (Organization dedicated to the dissemination of financial education in Brazil and around the world).

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