iFood offers new insurance focused on women and the family

In 2022, iFood added new coverage to the insurance offered to delivery drivers, with more protection for women and families; find out what they are here.

In addition to personal accident insurance, new coverage also covers women's health and children's education

iFood has been offering, since 2019, free personal accident insurance —before it is required by Law 14,297, approved in January 2022—, in addition to coverage for permanent disability and accidental death. From 2021 onwards, the insurance also covers cases of temporary injury, a pioneering initiative in the delivery sector.

“We know that the numbers of traffic accidents are worrying in Brazil. For us, the safety of delivery people is fundamental. At one end, We offer traffic safety training, at iFood Decola, to avoid accidents and injuries. But, if something happens, we want everyone to have good support”, explains Felipe Resende, business analyst at iFood.

In 2022, iFood insurance coverage was expanded to bring more protection to female delivery drivers and the families of professionals in the event of death. Thinking about the needs of these two audiences, the company developed, with its partner MetLife, specific insurance for the delivery people's activities.

In the case of women, the new coverage was designed to protect delivery women with maternity leave, compensation in cases of breast and cervical cancer and financial assistance if they need to care for their children in the event of illness or accident. 

“The responsibility for children always lies with the couple, but in everyday reality, we realize that the burden of care is greater for women. That's why we thought of specific coverage, with financial support to provide more support when they need to be away to take care of their children”, says Felipe.

Another new feature is more protections offered to the families of delivery people in the event of death, such as an increase in the value of funeral assistance, compensation for their children to continue studying and financial education. “The family often loses its main source of support, which is a huge financial and psychological blow. We also want to help with this fresh start”, says Felipe.

Delivery men and women can access the complete list of insurance offered by iFood on website dedicated to the topic or in the Delivery of Advantages. Find out below the coverage offered to professionals.

Insurance offered by iFood

Since 2022

Woman Protection

The new coverage comprises:

  • Compensation of up to R$ 10 thousand in the event of a diagnosis of breast or cervical cancer to assist with treatment and expenses;
  • Maternity benefit of R$ 500;
  • Assistance in case of absence to care for children (compensation for two days of work, corresponding to 70% of daily earnings, limited to R$ 100).

Children's education

Compensation of up to R$ 10 thousand per child up to 18 years old to be used for education (in case of accidental death).

Fresh start for families

Financial education for families in the event of the accidental death of a delivery man or woman, with weekly meetings on how to manage the compensation received and the family budget.

Funeral assistance

Increase from R$ 1,000 to R$ 5,000 in the amount of aid (which was already offered) to cover funeral expenses in the event of accidental death of delivery men and women.

Since 2021

Temporary injury

Compensates couriers for up to 70% of the average earnings they made in the previous 30 days (limited to R$ 700 per month).

Since 2019

Personal accident

Covers up to R$ 15 thousand in emergency medical, hospital and dental expenses.

Permanent disability or death

Compensation for permanent disability (total or partial) or accidental death is up to R$ 100 thousand.

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