Yellow May: discover iFood’s actions for delivery people

During Yellow May, iFood carries out an awareness and training campaign for delivery partners; Discover the three phases of the initiative here.

Traffic safety awareness campaign brings education and immersive experience to platform partners

How to behave safer in traffic is the motto of the iFood campaign for Yellow May, national campaign on this topic. Focused on delivery partners, the actions will be divided into three phases, each with a well-defined purpose to reinforce this awareness.

“This is our responsibility, as traffic is part of our daily lives. The more information we can pass on to the delivery people, the better”, says Gisele Lafaeff, engagement analyst at iFood and one of the project leaders.

Each phase of the campaign will have a different purpose, but they all converge on the main theme: everyday actions that can make traffic a less hostile and dangerous environment for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Phase 1: Education and information

The first phase of the project focuses on education. From the first week of May, all registered iFood delivery men and women will receive on their cell phones (via WhatsApp or in the app for delivery men) links to five videos that provide a summary of information on topics related to traffic behavior.

The idea is to encourage these partners to enter the iFood Takes Off (distance learning platform) to carry out courses focused on the topic.

Five contents will be worked on in Yellow May:

  • Citizenship in traffic
  • Vehicle care and maintenance
  • Physical and emotional condition
  • Risk situations
  • Traffic accidents

“The videos bring some of the content of these courses in an objective way”, highlights Felipe Resende, business analyst at iFood, who was in charge of creating this phase. “We want to deal with the matter in a very transparent way. We’re not going to say “look, you won’t have an accident”, but we want to show that delivery drivers have a role in traffic and that iFood cares about them.”

Phase 2: Recognition

In the second phase of Yellow May, iFood will recognize the commitment of delivery drivers to make city traffic safer. “We want to focus on their small actions that make a difference in traffic”, explains Gisele.

This recognition will be recorded in a video that will bring together some “captures” of the correct behavior of delivery people on the streets — who will be rewarded with gifts. The objective of the action is to value simple and effective actions, such as giving the arrow to change lanes, giving way to pedestrians crossing the lane or keeping your vehicle up to date. Ultimately, this material will be transmitted to the entire iFood delivery base. “We are going to show how such small actions save many lives in traffic”, says Gisele. 

Phase 3: Immersive experience

iFood's Yellow May campaign ends with an in-person event in São Paulo (24/5), Recife (25/5), Brasília (26/5) and Curitiba (30/5). In the last week of the month, delivery partners will be invited to participate in an experience focused on traffic safety.

The event will have a dynamic similar to that of a business fair, with themed stands, distribution and raffle of gifts and the presence of iFood partners offering products and services related to the theme. 

“The issue of security is very important for iFood, as well as constantly reinforcing the importance of the topic”, explains Felipe.

The in-person Yellow May will have three main areas of information and interaction: 

  • Education
    To reinforce the courses offered by iFood Decola and publicize two other education initiatives: Tech Power (to train technology professionals) and My High School Diploma (intended for those who have not completed this phase of education).
  • Easy Insurance and free 100%
    At this stand, delivery drivers will have contact with the latest insurance coverage which is activated as soon as registration with iFood is approved (no extra bureaucracy is required); The insurance is free and covers motorcyclists, cyclists and drivers during an order or on the way home.
  • Immersive experience
    The event's third stand will be dedicated to an immersive experience in traffic safety, with technology support so that visitors can learn about the risks of everyday traffic and the importance of vehicle maintenance being up to date.

“The idea is that the delivery person enters this event and receives a lot of content and information about traffic safety and other things that are part of their daily lives, their rights and opportunities for growth”, explains Gisele. 

The entire event is expected to take a maximum of one hour. Scheduling to participate in the action will be made via the delivery drivers' app (in batches of 30 minutes).

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