Motorbike, bike or car? How delivery people take your order

Find out which delivery methods are chosen according to the type of purchase made in the app

Today, there are more than 200 thousand delivery men and women active on the iFood platform, delivering in 1,700 cities across the country. To work with deliveries, the majority go by motorbike — around 27% use a bicycle and another 2.8% work by car.

The means of transport is chosen according to the request. On short-distance routes, with lighter orders, for example, the system selects who is on a bicycle to make the delivery

On longer routes, to carry items that fit in the bag, those on motorbikes go. Finally, for bulky purchases, such as grocery purchases, priority is given to delivery people who are driving – today there are around 5,600 active drivers on the iFood platform.

One vehicle for each delivery


  • Long routes
  • Orders that fit in the bag


  • Short distance routes
  • Light orders


  • For bulky purchases, such as grocery stores and pet stores

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