Voltz and iFood launch EVS Work electric motorcycle for delivery drivers for less than R$ 10 thousand

Available at half price in partnership with iFood, Voltz EVS Work can have two batteries and a range of 100 km to 180 km on a full charge

Having an electric motorcycle to make deliveries is becoming possible in Brazil. A startup Voltz has just launched EVS Work in partnership with iFood. However, what draws attention is the price of R$ 9,990 for the model during pre-sale.

In other words, half the value of the “normal” version, with a table of R$ 19,990. On the official website, the manufacturer gives a perspective regarding the costs of the electric motorcycle. And the bill looks very interesting for delivery people.

According to iFood and Voltz, it is possible to have a reduction of up to 60% in fuel costs alone. This is what tests carried out with 30 app delivery people in the capital of São Paulo showed.

For example, who wheel around 3,000 km per month to make deliveries, it costs R$ 610 on gasoline, considering the price of R$ 7.10 per liter of fuel. If you consider other expenses, the savings can reach 70% on the model.

How does the iFood electric motorcycle work? 

The sustainable vehicle works through a battery exchange system. Thus, instead of a common fuel tank, the engine is supplied precisely by electric batteries. 

To make exchanges, there are two plans available ranging from R$129 to R$319 per month, varying according to the mileage driven by the couriers. 

Each battery can run between 100 km and 180 km, reaching speeds of 85 km/h.

iFood electric motorcycle savings 

In addition to special discounts, the iFood electric motorcycle provides great savings for delivery partners. 

Anyone who is active on the iFood platform has an exclusive discount and will pay a final amount of R$ 9,999.90. 

However, the great economic advantage of the motorcycle lies in fuel and maintenance costs. Counting these two factors, the savings can reach up to 70%.  

How to buy the iFood electric motorcycle?

To buy the sustainable vehicle, simply access the Voltz website. However, delivery people have discounts and better financing conditions for the iFood electric motorcycle. 

However, whoever is going to buy the vehicle needs to be registered with the company for at least 3 months. Furthermore, you must have at least 1,767 routes and receive more than 92.64% of likes from customers.

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