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Evaluating good work is one of the five practices of kindness towards those who bring your purchases or food – discover the others

Delicious food usually lifts the mood for the day (or night). If for those who place an order it is a joy to receive it, for the delivery man or woman the joy goes through the recognition of the value of running. And a “thumbs up” helps a lot with that.

When evaluating the delivery, one of the practices of kindness towards delivery people is to make their evaluation on the iFood app and give a thumbs up if you liked the work. This is another step along the way so that everyone involved in the delivery journey has the best experience possible.

So, this journey of kindness has five steps, and it starts when you are waiting for the food to arrive. Want to know what your steps are? We explain below.

1- Whenever possible, come down to pick up your order

This simple attitude It speeds up the work of delivery people, who can only pick up a new order after completing the delivery of the current one. Furthermore, the delivery person cannot always go up because there is no place to park their bike or motorbike on the street.

2- Don't leave the delivery man or woman waiting

Tracking delivery through the app's map, you can see when the order is arriving and prepare to receive it without delaying the professional.

3- Don't forget to enter your delivery code

As a safety measure for everyone, iFood delivery people always ask for the delivery code, so you must inform this number when receiving the order. If you have a problem with the confirmation code and delivery, you can request help in the app and iFood will ask for your report to understand what happened.

4- Say good morning, good afternoon and good night

Being kind makes all the difference and will certainly brighten the day of whoever is bringing your food or purchase (and the delivery drivers tell us why).

5- Give a thumbs up for good work

If you liked the delivery person's work, leave your review on the iFood app and leave a thumbs up on the app!

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