Clarification note

In response to Minister Luiz Marinho's statements, iFood clarifies its active position in negotiations and continued support for the regulation of work on platforms.

Given the statements made at the ceremony held at Palácio do Planalto, this Monday, March 4th, iFood clarifies that Minister Luiz Marinho's statement that the company does not want to negotiate a worthy proposal for delivery drivers is not true. iFood actively participated in the Tripartite Working Group (GT) and negotiated a regulatory design for delivery people until its closure.

The last proposal made by Minister Marinho himself, with earnings of R$17 per hour worked, was fully accepted by iFood. After that, the government prioritized discussion with drivers, which found less disagreement among the workers' bench.

The company reinforces that it has supported the regulation of work mediated by platforms since 2021 and seeks regulation for delivery that meets the particularities and different needs of drivers, aiming to protect delivery drivers and preserve the sustainability of its ecosystem, which generates 873 thousand jobs and serves 40 million consumers.

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