Research: the reality of delivery app couriers

In addition to being a new work option, app deliveries have brought the prospect of increased income for many Brazilians.

Do you know who the delivery men are who bring the food you need to your home?
Did you order through the app? The majority are young, like the profession, value
work more freely and dream of one day having your own home.

These are some nuances of the research “X-ray of Delivery Drivers in Brazil”, what
reveals the reality and perspectives of professionals who work in different
food delivery platforms in Brazil. The study was commissioned by
iFood and carried out by Instituto Locomotiva in February 2021 with 2,643
delivery drivers in 11 large Brazilian cities.

Among those interviewed who have already had other jobs, the majority (67%)
prefers the current activity. Of those who had a formal contract, 66% said
who prefer the most flexible work model, without a boss, without hours and
with the possibility of combining it with another occupation.

The research also reveals that 76% consider
continue making deliveries even after the pandemic and that the vast majority (92%)
He is proud to work as a delivery person through digital platforms.
“This new model of employment relationship has already taken root in the market
Brazilian economy, especially with the digitalization of the economy and the rise of the
food delivery, which is now considered essential during the pandemic”, he says
Renato Meirelles, president of the Locomotiva Institute. “The question now is to look
for the workers who help turn that wheel.”

App deliveries generate increased income

In addition to being a new work option, deliveries
by application brought the prospect of increased income for many
Brazilians. Of the interviewees, 59% stated that their current income is higher than in the past.
Previous work. Additionally, the amount received via apps is also 35%
higher than the income of those who work directly for restaurants, which is
1,592 reais.

Food delivery has also proven to be a good gateway
entry into the job market. Among those interviewed, 13% cite the
food deliveries as his first professional experience. The percentage
rises to 32% among young people aged 18 to 24.

The growing entry of new couriers into the sector
only reinforces how urgent the discussions are about the need to regulate
work on digital platforms. “Brazil needs regulation
that guarantees safety, minimum earnings and social protection to the delivery person who
works with digital platforms, without compromising your autonomy and freedom
of choice when carrying out the activity”, states Diego Barreto, vice president of
iFood finances and strategy.

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