IBOPE research shows that 70% of app deliverers prefer a flexible work model

An IBOPE survey also showed professionals' perception regarding the relationship with the three main delivery apps in the country

The IBOPE survey with delivery drivers provided some data on the work preferences of Brazilian delivery drivers. 

Furthermore, the survey indicated that iFood is the delivery favorite in the category. 

So, check out some research data: 

When and how was the IBOPE survey carried out with app delivery people? 

The national survey by IBOPE (Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics) was carried out between the 17th and 18th of July 2020, with 1,000 delivery people from all regions of the country. 

Therefore, these employees were chosen at random and make deliveries for the three main delivery apps: iFood, Rappi and UberEats.

What does the IBOPE survey say with app delivery people?

The survey carried out by IBOPE indicated that 70% of delivery platform couriers prefer a flexible working system. 

In other words, a regime that gives the delivery person the option to choose which days of the week and times they want to work. This will allow him to work with several applications and define the best way to make up his income.

IBOPE survey: which app do delivery people prefer?

Part of the research focused on the perception of delivery people regarding their relationship with the platforms. Thus, for 64% of them, the Brazilian iFood is the best app for making deliveries, followed by UberEats (16%) and Rappi (7%). 

iFood is also named by 56% of interviewees as the company that provides better remuneration to delivery drivers (compared to 14% from Rappi and 9% from UberEats). 

Furthermore, the platform was also remembered as offering the best benefits in the category (55%, compared to 10% from UberEats and 5% from Rappi). 

Finally, iFood is also better at providing information in a more transparent way (47%, compared to 22% for UberEats and 8% for Rappi).

About iFood

iFood, the leader in online food delivery in Latin America, has 30.6 million monthly orders. Having been on the market for nine years, the Brazilian company is also present in Mexico and Colombia. It works with partners with initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for the approximately 160 thousand restaurants registered in more than a thousand cities throughout Brazil.

iFood has important investors, such as Movile – a global leader in mobile marketplaces – and Just Eat – one of the largest online ordering companies in the world.


IBOPE has been operating in the research market for almost 8 decades, through its business units focused on specific services and segments. It will aim for a better and deeper understanding of our clients’ needs and markets.

Currently, market research and big data, data mining and relationship marketing solutions are the focus of IBOPE DTM, which operates in research solutions, always seeking to develop them in an integrated way with innovation and technology.

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