What is iFood's support point?

Discover the rest spaces offered to delivery men and women across the country

While delivering, delivery men and women can make a strategic stop at the iFood support point to rest.

There are support points that are own spaces from iFood —and they provide a bathroom, socket to charge your cell phone, microwave, refrigerator and rest areas. And there are also iFood Pedal support points, made available in partnership with Tembici.

 In addition to these, there are also support points offered in partnership with restaurants, where delivery people can go to the bathroom and drink water. 

The support points are part of the Delivery of Advantages, which is offered free of charge to all delivery men and women registered on the iFood platform. The program also offers personal accident insurance, health assistance, access to educational projects and discounts on products.

Where is the iFood support point?

Today there are around 760 support points, distributed across 14 cities. In March 2024, iFood opened new support points for delivery men and women in the ABC Paulista region and in Porto Alegre.

To define the locations of support points, iFood takes into account the concentration of orders and the positioning of delivery men and women. 

As a result, the points are already on the travel route, providing more convenience for delivery professionals. So much so that, in February 2024, more than 80 thousand delivery people used the support points.

Anyone who is registered on the iFood platform can find in the application which support point is closest to where they are.

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