iFood’s actions for the road safety of delivery people

Discover the education and awareness initiatives to protect the integrity of those who make deliveries through the platform

In June 2023, the iFood became the maintainer of the National Road Safety Observatory, the entity that created the movement Yellow May, focused on actions to improve traffic safety. 

With this, the company began to financially support the cause of safe mobility and will be able to collaborate with discussions on the topic by having a seat on the Observatory Council — among them, the use of technology and data to guide safe driving

This partnership is iFood's latest action in road safety — but not the only one. Since 2019, the company has promoted several initiatives to increase the safety and integrity of couriers who work through the platform. 

Find out below the main actions taken by iFood to improve the safety of delivery men and women in traffic.

Accident insurance

Since 2019, iFood has been offering insurance for delivery men and women. This coverage has been expanded and today includes personal insurance, temporary injury coverage, assistance for the family and exclusive coverage for delivery women.

Personal accident insurance is free and is part of the Delivery of Advantages, a program aimed at delivery men and women who work on the platform.

Training for safe driving

The program Helmet Angels, created in 2020, is a quick course that trains delivery men and women in emergency techniques, to provide first aid and raise awareness on how to promote safer traffic for everyone.

O Takes off for Deliverers, a free and quick course platform created by iFood for these partners, provides 4 courses on traffic safety.

The themes are:

  • Necessary care for the motorcycle;
  • Bike mechanics;
  • Mental health;
  • Guide to safer traffic.

To date, more than 62 thousand delivery people have completed at least one of the 130 courses available on the Decola platform.

And those who deliver bicycles can take the course online Responsive Pedal, at the iFood Pedal, which teaches delivery drivers how to use electric bikes and provides safety tips when cycling in the city.

Defensive driving course

In 2023, the company promoted a in-person defensive driving course for delivery men and women. This was a pilot edition, held in Brasília, Fortaleza and Recife.

Education in Yellow May

When the month of May arrives, the iFood reinforces its education initiatives aimed at preventing traffic accidents and reinforcing the safety of delivery men and women during deliveries.

This year, the company promoted the following actions in Yellow May:

Gamification platform

Delivery drivers accessed content about traffic safety on a gamified platform. Each week, influencer Igor Guimarães proposed challenges; As the delivery drivers completed these challenges, they accumulated lucky numbers to compete for coupons to be redeemed at the iFood Delivery Store and a brand new motorcycle. 

Awareness campaign 

During Yellow May, iFood reinforced communication with delivery drivers on how to activate personal insurance in case of accidents occurring during deliveries. 

KondZilla Immersion

A group of delivery drivers immersed themselves in the Kondzilla Institute to produce creative content about traffic safety.

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