Delivery Advantages: iFood offers insurance for delivery people

Those who make deliveries through the platform have coverage for personal accidents, permanent disability and temporary injury

Since 2019, delivery men and women who work on the iFood platform have had free insurance in case of personal accidents — one of the advantages that are now part of the Delivery of Advantages.

From 2021 onwards, the insurance also covers cases of temporary injury — a pioneering initiative in the delivery sector. Membership is automatic and carried out when the registration of a delivery man or woman is activated on the platform. 

This means that all professionals active on the iFood app are already covered in the event of personal accidents. The insurances offered are:

  • Life insurance in case of accidental death (up to R$ 100 thousand) and funeral assistance (R$ 5,000);
  • Temporary injury (up to R$ 1,500 in compensation with absence equal to or greater than seven days) or permanent disability (up to R$ 100 thousand); 
  • Medical, hospital and dental expenses arising from the accident (up to R$ 15 thousand), via reimbursement or accredited network. 

How do delivery people claim insurance?

The delivery man or woman who suffers an accident can file a claim through the iFood app and, if they have any doubts, they can clarify via WhatsApp (11) 93488-0672.

To activate insurance coverage, you must access the website

The service channel for inquiries, queries, request status and more information is the telephone 0800 725 2144, which operates every day, 24 hours a day. Anyone who prefers email can write to

Delivery drivers can call and obtain more information about accident insurance at Delivery Portal or in the app by following these steps: Side Menu > Delivery of Advantages > Personal Insurance > Activate Insurance.

“I had an accident, but I didn’t know it was that precise, no, that agile and easy”, says delivery man Bruno on the second video from the Much More Than a Request campaign. His colleague David agrees: “In my mind, it was bureaucracy.”

Family members can also open a claim by phone or on the insurance company's website, providing the CPF of the professional registered on the platform. If you have any questions, just contact us via WhatsApp (11) 93488-0672. “It’s good to let everyone know, pass it on to the family. I feel protected”, says delivery man Agnaldo in the video.

“We feel safe on the street, we know we have someone’s support. It was great to know that if I have an accident I will have attention. My family won’t be in such need”, adds delivery man Adriano.

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